Everyone is talking about energy efficiency and “going green” these days. Making simple energy conservation changes can have a positive impact on both the environment and your electric bill. To assist you with developing a plan to “go green,” Kay-Bee Electric offers a complimentary electrical energy audit.

What is an electrical energy audit?

An electrical energy audit is a survey and analysis of a building’s electrical energy usage and energy conservation opportunities. The goal of the energy audit is to find opportunities to improve your energy management and reduce your electrical energy usage by evaluating the lighting and power distribution systems. Kay-Bee offers:

  • Business Energy Audits

  • Commercial Energy Audits

  • Industrial Energy Audits

Why should I have an electrical energy audit?

Based on the energy audit, Kay-Bee can recommend an energy conservation plan to implement the appropriate energy-saving opportunities. This would also help your organization capitalize on the energy management incentive programs and tax credits currently offered by AmerenUE and the federal government for the greater St. Louis area.

What are my energy savings options?

  • Energy efficient lighting upgrades: Retrofitting your space with LEDs and integrating energy-saving lighting-control systems are simple upgrades to a lighting system that provide more light with improved energy efficiency.

  • Programmable thermostats and timers: Interconnecting these controls with energy efficient HVAC equipment and water heaters streamlines equipment run-time and improves energy management.

  • Variable frequency drives (VFDs): Integrating energy saving VFDs with motors allows the motors to start gradually and continue to run at a decreased rate, eliminating the large inrush current that occurs with the start-up of a motor.

  • Power factor correction units: Power factor correction units increase the power factor lowered by non-linear loads (e.g., LED lighting and motors), resulting in a reduction of energy losses caused by electrical system inefficiencies. These devices are a great asset for industrial companies and can greatly improve energy savings.

  • Sub meters: Separately metering areas of a building allow the owner or property manager to monitor the electrical energy usage and recognize areas of reduction and improved energy management.